fat russian
bonboul: wish i could intrigue you.


deathb4-decaf: How have you achieved the length of your nails?!?! I'm so jealoussss

I cut them off last month, but I just was careful I guess. They grow quickly. They’re naturally strong.

ndc12345: Pay pig?

I’m a financial dominatrix in my free time. Findom is the term, google.

Having a meltdown
withme18: Ur very pretty.. Do u have belly hair


markis22: Hey, I just wanted to say your very attractive.. I love the armpit hair and that u have a bush.

Thank you :)

A picture of my life
khalidalattar: You're so so so beautiful excuse my creepy blog lol

Didnt look but will now. Will probably excuse, I am an accepting person. Sorry for posting this publicly, by the way. I don’t know how to do technology well.

sssissyboy: I want to be another paypig please kik me liammmm93

I have no kik, if you want to contact me privately feel free to email opalcranberry@gmail.com, same goes to all prospective pay pigs :)